Within the past two decades, Dubai has emerged as mature and stable real estate zone owing to its transparent and well regulated property dealings. It has scaled up to become one of the leading global business hubs, heralding a key position in the real estate markets across the world.WIthin its modern infrastrucure, convenient locations, and the availability of countless recreational activities and open-minded social culture, makes it a welcoming and comfortable city where you may wish to set up your dream home. Dubai is a tax-free city which drwa a large popation from the around the global processes who come and work there and eventually settle down. Additionally, Dubai is considered to be a global hub of international business and commerrce and safe heaven for popele to settle down. It is also an emerging centre for education,research, media, culture, fashion, entertainment and art to name a few of the lucrative amenities which goes a long way in drawing a multitude of investors in real estate

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