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What is a DIFC Will and should I have one

What is a DIFC Will and should I have one? Expatriates make up over 80% of the UAE’s population. The establishment of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts Wills and Probate Service was a milestone in providing certainty to expats who are based in the UAE that they may pass on their assets to their chosen beneficiar....

im Will, your assets in the UAE will be distributed according to Sharia or Islamic law, which may not reflect your wishes.<br>In addition, it should be noted that joint assets do not pass automatically to the survivor as they do in some other jurisdictions. Instead, each joint owner is viewed as a t

Risk of Inflation to Property Investments

What is inflation? Inflation is the average increase in price for a particular set of goods or services in a particular economy over a defined period of time, usually a year. More importantly, it's the decrease in the purchasing power of a currency over time. Taking the historical average rate of 2.48% inflation in the UK, the £30....

your purchasing power will become quite clear. For example, Greece had inflation nearing 5% over the past decade, meaning that same £30,000 car would cost an additional £1,500 today. If you require financing to purchase the car the overall cost of the vehicle increases significantly. <br><br>


Foundations have existed in Dubai since 2018 and are an attractive alternative to Trusts in terms of wealth management or protecting assets. George and Betty Williams established the Williams Foundation in the DIFC, Dubai. What is a Foundation ? There are three parties to a Foundation – the Founder, Council and Benefici....

lar to a company. <br> The Founder establishes the Foundation and provides the initial assets. George and Betty are the Founders and transfer their assets to the Williams Foundation. <br> The Council administers the Foundation’s assets in accordance with its constitution. George decided to sit

August 2021 Market Update

The total sales transactions for both off-plan and ready properties registered in Dubai during August 2021 amounts to 5,768 transactions worth AED 14.93 billion. Compared to August 2020, total sales transactions have increased by 136.5%, demonstrating the consistent upsurge in property demand experienced in the past year. Dubai Marina re....

ansactions worth AED 718 million. <br><br> Total mortgaged transactions for the month registered at 2,721 worth AED 11.02 billion. Dubai Marina also recorded the highest number of transactions in this category, selling 350 properties worth AED1.27 billion, closely followed by Palm Jumeirah with 33