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The Middle East's Favourite Luxury Yachting Destination

From your doorstep to the sea, Dubai’s luxury waterfront properties make it easy to set sail in style at a moment’s notice. Dubai maritime heritage spans from its historical beginnings as a sea trading hub on the Persian Gulf. Since the UAEs inception in 1971, the renowned Emirate has grown into a vibrant cosmopolis and must-visit de....

cross the city, equipped with marinas that transcend global standards of service and quality. Recognised as a focal point for the international boating market, industry experts and investors gather annually to take part in the Dubai International Boat Show, which has announced a star-studded line-up

Property Market Performance Q2 2021

Dubai recorded 6,388 property transactions in June 2021 at an aggregate value of 14.79 billion AED, the highest volume of monthly sales registered in 8 years. The value of property transactions in Dubai has risen by 48% in comparison to Q1. Commercial property transactions have climbed in value by 42%, while the luxury market experienced....

l property categories, measuring 20.26% and 76.9% higher in total quarter-on-quarter. <br><br> Palm Jumeirah achieved a record 4.27 billion AED in transaction value this quarter, maintaining its Q1 position as the community with the highest value of property transfers. <br><br> After Palm Jumei

First quarter of 2021 reports low rent

ValuStrat, a leading consultancy firm in the Middle East, released real estate market reports for the first quarter of 2021, which ascertained that Dubai residents have experienced an 11% drop in year-on-year rental prices. However, the company has reported that the declining percentage figure is reflective of heightened competition in the marke....

ng an increasingly steady market. </p> <br> <p>As leading property development companies across the country share projects, which amount to a significant introduction of new properties throughout the year, industry experts believe that rental prices will continue to stabilise post-pandemic rather

UAE Based Bank Accounts for Non Residents

As a luxury destination that attracts millions of tourists every year, and a haven with wholly respected and implemented COVID-19 safety measures, Dubai has continued to welcome an increasing number of non-residents who are now choosing to extend their stay in the popular seafront city. In light of this, a burning question for non-residents is whet....

note. The majority of banks will only offer non-residents the ability to open a savings account with access to a debit card for withdrawal and no cheque book. The procedure may take longer than it would for a non-resident due to the extra documentation and approval requirements and the account hold