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Meta Becoming Reality in the UAE

Innovative initiatives and a rapidly growing acceptance are helping the country become a pioneer in virtual assets. The local real estate market could benefit greatly. The U.A.E.’s ambition to become a leader in the cryptocurrency and metaverse industries recei....

metaverse. In doing so, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) becomes the first regulator in the world to build a metaverse headquarters. <br> <br> VARA was inaugurated in March of this year to oversee cryptocurrency trading and the exchange of other virtual assets, including the highly-

Invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market From Saudi Arabia

Dubai is increasingly attracting Saudi Arabian property investors. Learn what is enticing them and how to get involved. As a real estate investor, a top priority is to find properties that will provide massive returns and gains. Dubai’s rapid growth has seen an in....

; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 800">Saudi Arabia and the U.AE. </p></b> <br> The two countries have resolute social, cultural, religious, political, historical and economic ties, a relationship that has happily spilt over into the real estate domain. Saudi Arabian investors are regular visitor

AED 2 Million Golden Visa Boost to Property Investors

Lowering the Golden Visa’s minimum property investment to AED 2 million will attract significant new buyers and entrepreneurs, particularly to off-plan properties. The United Arab Emirates this week took the landmark decision to lower the investment thresho....

ugh for buyers to kickstart procedures to obtain the 10-year-long residency visa. This is a notable reduction from the earlier minimum of AED 10 million. <br> <br> <a href=""><img src="https://

The U.A.E.’s New Entry And Residency Regulations

A comprehensive look at the some of the country’s new types of Golden Visa category expansions, entry visas and residence permits In keeping with its forward-looking ethos, the United Arab Emirates today announced a slew of new rules and regulations intended to make t....

p style="text-align: center"><b>THE GOLDEN VISA</b> </p><br> <a href="#"> <img src=" U.A.E.’s New Entry And Residency Regulations/Golden-Visa-UAE.jpg" alt="Golden Visa" width="100%" height="100%"></a> <br> <br><br> This residence i