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Understanding Vastu Shastra

India’s ancient system of architecture offers a unique set of design and planning principles for healthier and wealthier living. Based on the principles of harmony with the natural world, Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture. It takes into account factors such as layout, design and spatial a....

ciples is believed to bring about peace, wellness, prosperity and positive energies for inhabitants. <br><br> The practice is based on five essential elements — earth, fire, light, wind and ether. These elements are believed to radiate energies that can be harnessed positively at home using a ra

Watch it: The Most Expensive Watches in History

From a kaleidoscope of diamonds to the Rolex of a Hollywood icon, these are the most valuable watches ever. Precision engineering, the rarest of gems, looks fit for The Louvre — watches don’t just tell the time — they are definitive statements of style and personality. Below are the most expensive ones in hi....

width="100%" height="100%" border="0" /> <br><br> <b>6. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona — US$17.8 million</b> Gifted to him by his equally famous wife Joanne Woodward (complete with an engraving to drive safely given his penchant for cars), this 1968 Daytona will always be in demand because of its o

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Art

AI art has been celebrated and criticised in equal measure. From its ease of usage to the inevitable questions of its implications, we dive into the world of artificially generated images. All the images in this article have been generated by Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai using artificial intelligen....

Using generative AI, where systems learn from the input data’s pattern and structure, image generators such as OpenAI’s Dall-E can produce pictures in seconds. No image is off limits — from world leaders as rockstars to a Wes Anderson-directed Harry Potter. <br><br> <img src="https://chr

Desert Oasis vs. Garden City: Comparing Property Tax Regimes in Dubai and Singapore

Though similar in many ways, Dubai and Singapore differ markedly when it comes to implementing property taxes. Property taxes are imposed by governments on property owners based on the assessed value of their real estate. Revenue from these taxes goes towards funding public services and infrastructure, including....

ercentage (per thousand dollars of assessed value). Local regulations determine how to assess a property's value; they can include factors like location, size, age and market conditions. Owners are required to pay taxes based on the assessed value of their property. Failure to do so can result in pe