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The Insider's Guide to Luxury Living In Dubai

See why the world’s richest are gravitating towards Dubai, as we take a glimpse at the luxurious lifestyle one can enjoy in the UAE’s City of Gold. ....

king up to cloudless blue skies and a breeze from the sea waters. You breathe in the fresh air and spend the day in a private club before teeing up on your choice of prestigious golf courses. Your private chauffeur then comes around with your Rolls Royce Sweptail and takes you to dine in Ossiano wit

2022 Forecast for Dubai's Real Estate Market

Despite Covid-induced uncertainty, the real estate market in Dubai is back in the spotlight and showing strong signs of sustained growth. Recent statistics released by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) show that the market recorded the best October sales for 8 years, attracting a staggering AED13.12bn in investment capital from 5,452 deals. ....

ree main types of buyers or investors buying property in Dubai, as follows: <br> <br> <img src="" alt="Dubai Market Forecast " width="100%" height="100%"> <br> <br> <b>1.The Flipper</b> <br> This kind of investor usua

How to Buy or Sell Luxury Homes With Full Discretion

When buying or selling luxury homes, privacy matters. Our team at Christie’s is fully capable of handling your real estate investments discreetly and professionally. What’s the top concern for luxury home buyers and sellers? Not surprisingly, it’s privacy and security when conducting their personal business. In one....

nvestment you shouldn’t have to worry about safety. Often, it’s also so that your identity doesn’t impact price negotiations or so the purchase doesn’t tamper with your existing businesses. <br> <br> As a result, many luxury buyers prefer to look for off-market listings. But, if the buyer

Branded residences are making their mark in dubai

The epitome of luxury property in Dubai, Branded Residences are a natural reflection and evolution of Dubai’s Real Estate Market Beth Hirshfeld In 2016, the UAE appointed a Minister o....">“Dubai’s Time to Shine”</a> , the well-being of its people is at the heart of the government’s agenda; and has helped it become a destination of choice for the world’s elite. This people-centric approach weaves its way through all facets of