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Creating the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Beth Hirshfeld Developers in Dubai have responded masterfully to the influx of the world’s elite, offering idyllic properties that boast first-class architectural design, customization, and servi....

tel” and cemented Dubai’s stature as a city of “Luxury Living”. The hotel, strikingly set on a man-made island, offered a new standard in luxury. Its high-end finishings included the largest Swarovski crystal ceiling in the world, interiors gilded in 24-carat gold, and a helipad for private

How to Celebrate this National Day in Style

How to Celebrate this National Day in Style', '\n The UAE will be celebrating its 50th National Day on December 2nd and from Dubai to Saudi Arabia there will be a host of special events and festivities to mark the spectacular occasion. From fireworks to free activities, shopping bonanzas and culinary delights, there’ll be something for ev....

not just a 24-hour event, having been extended for 10-days to December 11th to make it an extra-long festive season in Dubai. Here we take a closer look at some of the many things you can do to celebrate National Day in Style.\n <br> <br>\n</p>\n<b><p style=\"text-align: center\"> Fireworks and Fou

Unique Ways to Celebrate an Unforgettable Christmas in Dubai

Dubai offers the best of all worlds at Christmas time, with gorgeous blue skies making the weather perfect for enjoying the beach and surprising ways of enjoying more traditional festive celebrations that remind us of home. The vibrant cosmopolis has grown into one of the most popular winter destinations and that’s no....

pect from one of the world’s most luxurious locations. <br> <br> <b><p style="text-align: Center; font-size: 18px">Get Festive at Ski Dubai </p></b> <br> <img src="" alt="Get Festive at Ski Dubai" width="100%" height="1

Inside Dubai's EXPO2020

Stand Out Pavilions to Visit at this Long-Awaited Event Finally overcoming the many challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, after 8 years and $7 billion in the making, the hugely-anticipated Expo 2020 kicked off on October 1st this year, just one year later than originally....

re visitors can enjoy immersive experiences that give a glimpse into the world tomorrow. <br> <br> Each pavilion is an architectural marvel in its own right, but when you step across the threshold, you are transported into complex high-tech environments based on the Expo’s themes of Opportun