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Property Management with Christie's International Real Estate Dubai

Naresh Balwani, Property Management Manager, explains why these services are integral to buying a home. The Dubai luxury real estate market has so far seen a strong 2022. This growth is, happily, set to continue and has brought with it a rise in real estate investors....

actions. Naresh Balwani elaborates: <br> <br> <b style="text-align:center">What is property management?</b> <br> <br> Put simply, it is about reducing inconvenience for the owner. Property management involves overseeing the property’s operations, maintenance and controls. This includes everyt

How the Qatar World Cup Benefits Dubai Real Estate

As Doha gears up to host the FIFA World Cup, Dubai is set to witness a rise in demand for luxury holiday homes. ....

edition of the FIFA World Cup, the first in the Middle East. This is a monumental turn of history for a variety of reasons and will have significant knock-on effects, not least in the luxury real estate sector. Already, Dubai is seeing a surge in interest and enquiries for luxury holiday homes. <

U K Waives Entry Visa Requirements for GCC Nationals

Emiratis and citizens of other G.C.C. countries can now apply online for an entry permit In a landmark decision, the United Kingdom announced that Emiratis and other G.C.C. nationals do not require a visit visa to enter the U.K. from 2023 onwards. ....

ermit to visit Britain for a variety of reasons without needing to apply for a visa. The scheme is part of the British government’s broader plan to implement a fully digital border by 2025. <br> <br> The ETA’s straightforward application process will aid in assuring travellers of their plans

Four Homes for the Perfect Yoga Session

This International Day of Yoga, we take a look at four Dubai properties offering ample space and relaxation for the best possible yoga experience. June 21st marks the 8th International Day of Yoga, a worldwide celebration of the renowned physi....

the most exclusive homes in Dubai for serene and undisturbed yoga sessions. <br> <br> <b>4-Bedroom Penthouse in Dubai Marina</b> <br> <br> <a href=""> <img src="