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Navigating a Recession Through Investments

During a global recession, identifying the optimal asset class for investment — be it real estate, bonds or gold — depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon. As the global economy faces a recession, investors are increasingly sear....

classes such as real estate, bonds and gold becomes crucial. <br><br> <b>Real Estate</b> <br><br> Real estate investments encompass a diverse range of property types, including residential, commercial and industrial. These investments can offer a stable source of income through rental returns,


Well-publicised struggles at Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse have put a renewed spotlight on the fragility of major banking systems. Is the U.A.E. facing a similar risk? ....

" >Silicon Valley Bank, Courtesy ABC News. </p> <br><br> Bonds are inversely proportional to interest rates — when one goes low, the other goes high. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the United States’ 16th largest bank, put most of its US$212 billion assets into long-term bonds, making the extrao


25th March will see the world’s finest horses, jockeys and trainers descend on Dubai for the annual Dubai World Cup. ....

tellar event has welcomed legendary horses and jockeys. Image courtesy Time Out Dubai.</p> <br><br> The Dubai World Cup is all set to enthrall once again. Come Saturday, 25th March, the landmark event on the global racing calendar will welcome the world’s most renowned horses, jockeys and traine

Investing Strategies to Yield High ROIs in Dubai Real Estate

As the Dubai real estate market continues to expand rapidly, we examine popular real estate investment strategies and practices. Safe opportunities with high returns are paramount for investors. The security of investing in any real estate market, let alone Dubai....

general, investors trust the Dubai real estate market due to its inherent stability, strong regulations, and attractive investment opportunities. The city has been actively working to enhance its reputation as a truly global hub for business and tourism, which has led to a sustained spurt of growth