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Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai for an Indulgent Thanksgiving Celebration

For Americans all over the world, Thanksgiving is an unmissable celebration. Dubai is no exception, being home to a sizable American expat community, with many thousands visiting throughout November. With the weather cooling to pleasant temperatures in Dubai, the tourists have started to roll in, which can only mean one thing. The ....

ith sides of mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and a hearty slice of pumpkin pie. <br><br> Because of our excellent knowledge of Dubai, the team at Christie’s International Real Estate - Premier Estates has compiled a list of the very best restaurants to visit, where you’ll find t

Real Estate Record Achieved by Christie's International Real Estate | Premier Estates

The luxury real estate brokerage has secured a new achievement for Dubai and its year of record-breaking property transactions. The largest single sale real estate transaction in the luxury sector for 2021 has officially been concluded by Christie’s International Rea....

tated co-owner of the real estate company, Jackie Johns. "We also want to express our admiration for the seller and buyer, represented by OCTA Properties LLC, who showed professionalism at every stage of the sale." <br> <br> An iconic luxury residential property was sold for an undisclosed value

A Closer Look at DIFC Wills

Find out more about the different type of DIFC Wills available and how they can serve you best. Previously, we looked at DIFC Wills, who can register a Will and the registration process. This article shall look briefly at the five different types of Wills which can be reg....

suring their children are well looked after in the event of their death. <br> <br> The Guardianship Will allows the appointment of Guardians for your children. <br> <br> It includes no further provisions and doesn’t cover any distribution of assets. Rather, it’s designed to ensure that your chil

Dubai poised to become the new Costa del Sol

The UAE’s recent initiative to ease residency requirements for expat retirees, paired with its quality healthcare, safety and accessibility, and excellent weather, is helping Dubai become the winter-home choice for retirees around the world. ....

r. Its warm climate, professional healthcare, easy travel routes, and active social scene, provided a welcoming and enjoyable place for retirees to spend part of the year. Dubai’s strategic planning and recent initiatives, however, have introduced an attractive and compelling alternative for ret