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Corporate Ownership and UK Residential Property Tax Laws

This article is the final part in a series entitled ‘Purchasing UK Property: A Tax Guide for UAE Residents and Non-Domiciled Individuals.Click to read Part....

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Personal Ownership and UK Residential Property Tax Laws

This article is the second in a series entitled 'A Tax Guide for Purchasing UK Property'. Click to read Part One ....

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A Tax Guide for Purchasing UK Property

Recent changes to UK residential property tax laws are a vital consideration when purchasing British property. In this three-part series, Vicky Smallwood, Senior Manager at Alderley Global, and Beth Hirshfeld, Private Client Advisor at Christie’s Internatio....

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High Demand for Hard Assets

Luxury consumers seek the stability of real estate amid rising volatility in other sectors As global inflation, benchmark interest rates and recession risk have risen over the past several months, affluent consumers are continuing to move money into hard assets, partic....

al estate as a safe-haven investment remains strong as buyers seek a hedge against inflation, but a mid-year market shift also suggests that sustainable differentiation may now be a key to home-price stability as volatility rises. For this reason, it will be increasingly important to evaluate each m