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Dubai poised to become the new Costa del Sol

The UAE’s recent initiative to ease residency requirements for expat retirees, paired with its quality healthcare, safety and accessibility, and excellent weather, is helping Dubai become the winter-home choice for retirees around the world. ....

r. Its warm climate, professional healthcare, easy travel routes, and active social scene, provided a welcoming and enjoyable place for retirees to spend part of the year. Dubai’s strategic planning and recent initiatives, however, have introduced an attractive and compelling alternative for ret

Canada’s Real Estate Market is Gaining Global Attention

More than Maple Syrup and Ice Hockey – Canada’s Real Estate Market is Gaining Global Attention Beth Hirshfeld Canada’s ja....

the first time, Canada claimed top spot in the annual Best Countries Report by US News and World. The rankings, based on factors such as quality of life, economic and political stability, social services, and respecting property rights, solidified Canada’s global reputation as a stable, safe and

Dubai’s Property Market Journey

What was once a desert oasis is now a luxurious city of gold, with a dynamic government and economy that attracts investors worldwide. Dubai is unique in many ways. Unlike most cities in the world, Dubai cares about your happiness. So much so that the....

ing sure that Dubai is “an environment in which people feel empowered, and providing sound infrastructure, opportunities for a good education, jobs and healthcare, and ensuring that people feel safe and secure,” says Ohood bint Khalfan Roumi, the ministry of happiness herself. <br> <br> Given

Optimizing the Dubai Real Estate Opportunity

Considerations for International Investors Beth Hirshfeld Real Estate investors who understand the intricacies of the Dubai rea....

me-to-shine">Dubai’s Time to Shine</a>”, Dubai is emerging as a leading global city and a natural hub for those seeking a welcoming and upscale place to live and work. Recognizing its potential as well as its comparably low prices versus other leading cities, real estate buyers are moving quick