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International Investors and the United Kingdom Real Estate Opportunity

A confluence of factors has boosted the potential of the UK property market for savvy investors Beth Hirshfeld The UK has always been a favourite for international property inve....

looking to diversify their real estate portfolios. Though geopolitical events, increasing interest rates and costs of living have caused trepidation about the continued growth of the global real estate market, London’s seems poised for long-term appreciation. And much like the short-term real es

Unwinding the Web(3)

The nascent Web3 and its benefits for the real estate industry. The U.A.E. is investing heavily in technologies of the future. From Dubai’s new virtual assets regulator’s headquarters in The Sandbox metaverse to a slew of real estate developers e....

b 1.0 was the elderly statesman with static, hyperlinked pages and limited user interaction. Web 2.0 is the internet we know today, with user-generated content on centralised platforms run by select companies. <br> <br> Web3 is changing the game. It is a new web, eminently decentralised by block

While the Sun Shines

Pioneering government initiatives and a growing public acceptance of renewable energy are invigorating Dubai’s ambitious clean energy goals. In The Beatles’ iconic ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ sunshine is a welcome respite from a long, cold, lonely winter. In Dubai....

mong a plethora of renewable energy-driven technologies and projects making Dubai’s grand ambition of meeting 100% of its energy demands from clean sources by 2050 seem a distinct possibility. This rapidly growing trend, which also aids in achieving the Emirate’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions t

Meta Becoming Reality in the UAE

Innovative initiatives and a rapidly growing acceptance are helping the country become a pioneer in virtual assets. The local real estate market could benefit greatly. The U.A.E.’s ambition to become a leader in the cryptocurrency and metaverse industries recei....

metaverse. In doing so, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) becomes the first regulator in the world to build a metaverse headquarters. <br> <br> VARA was inaugurated in March of this year to oversee cryptocurrency trading and the exchange of other virtual assets, including the highly-