How the Qatar World Cup Benefits Dubai Real Estate

As Doha gears up to host the FIFA World Cup, Dubai is set to witness a rise in demand for luxury holiday homes.

FIFA World Cup

The greatest show on Earth is almost here. In a little more than four months, Senegal and the Netherlands will kick off the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, the first in the Middle East. This is a monumental turn of history for a variety of reasons and will have significant knock-on effects, not least in the luxury real estate sector. Already, Dubai is seeing a surge in interest and enquiries for luxury holiday homes.

The city’s bespoke experiences are world-renowned, and this is reflected in the World Cup-related offerings on the market, from a stunning, 5-bedroom villa in the heart of Dubai Marina available for AED1.35 million to residences already booked in excess of AED1.5 million. Being a little less crowded than traditional hotels and removed from the flocks of football fans in Qatar, Dubai’s luxury holiday homes offer the perfect base to travel to and back from matches. With Doha just an hour away by plane, fans can catch the exquisite football on offer in Qatar and return to Dubai within a day.

Convenient travel circumstances like these have been buttressed by daily match-day shuttle flights between Doha and several Middle Eastern cities including Dubai. This greatly increases ease of travel for fans wanting to experience not only the best of football but also the best of the region’s hospitality and culture. Private entities are also capitalising on football fever, announcing bespoke packages for discerning tourists that feature an assortment of elite amenities, from limousine transport to chartered flights. All these factors contribute to a Dubai real estate industry that is bullish about the prospects of the city’s luxury holiday homes.

Dubai famously comprises opulent locales and settings. Its premier residential and recreation hubs include:

Palm Jumeirah

How the Qatar World Cup Benefits Dubai Real Estate

With uninterrupted access to renowned shopping destinations, restaurants, bars and other trendy experiences, the famous archipelago offers the perfect blend of natural tranquility and city bustle. Bookend unparalleled football experiences with unparalleled serenity by waking up and retiring to calming beach and sea views.

Downtown Dubai

Any area with the Burj Khalifa as its centrepiece can only be the epitome of exclusivity. Refined apartments and penthouses are moments away from endless shopping and entertainment activities, as well as the landmark Dubai Mall.

A comprehensive list of some more of the city’s elite neighbourhoods can be found here.

Dubai boasts a range of unique tourist experiences and elite holiday homes, and is eminently close to Qatar. The Middle East’s first World Cup is quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and Dubai is the ideal residence for it.