Property Management with Christie's International Real Estate Dubai

Naresh Balwani, Property Management Manager, explains why these services are integral to buying a home.

The Dubai luxury real estate market has so far seen a strong 2022. This growth is, happily, set to continue and has brought with it a rise in real estate investors. Property management services help these investors deal with a range of logistical and legal requirements to ensure seamless property upkeep and transactions. Naresh Balwani elaborates:

What is property management?

Put simply, it is about reducing inconvenience for the owner. Property management involves overseeing the property’s operations, maintenance and controls. This includes everything from conducting inspections to dealing with tenant inquiries. Our remit also stretches to legal aspects, such as drawing up lease agreements. We even help tenants move in. Ultimately, it is about moderation and mediation. Property managers help owners and tenants stay on the same page.

What should clients consider?

To avoid stress. To save time. Property management services represent the owner in front of the tenant on a myriad of issues, from contract negotiations to repair work. The property itself also benefits from regular checks to ensure all amenities are in prime working condition, and general wear and tear is minimised. This care helps to make sustainable assets, too – more often than not, we find that properties managed professionally lead to long-term tenants.

What property management services does Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai offer?

We offer tailored, high-end services based on our extensive experience dealing with luxury properties globally. From creating detailed property inspection reports and handling tenancy contract (Ejari) requirements to managing move-in/move-out requests and advertising the property, we are fully equipped to deal with every requirement or potential hurdle.

What should clients should consider?

A lot of what we do is about good communication. The company you choose should be in constant touch to provide real-time updates and also be caught up with the latest market requirements. A licensed and financially stable outfit with professional staff bodes well for a successful relationship. At the end of the day, property managers should effortlessly handle all property requirements without the owner having to regularly intervene.

Tell us about yourself. How did you enter the property management field?

I’ve been in the real estate industry since 2008 and have been fortunate enough to work with multiple homeowners, honing my knowledge while bringing new clients on board. This role demands you use your experience to work through new situations every day. This is especially true in Dubai, such a rapidly growing city. I couldn’t ask for a more gratifying profession.