Sustainable Luxury at Eywa

With curated interiors and the highest level of certifications, Eywa on the Dubai Canal is shaping up to be one of the city’s most sustainable developments.

That oil is the primary driver of Dubai’s economy has not held the Emirate back from planning for the future by becoming a sustainable energy leader — this year’s COP28 is the standout example.

Eywa is a child of this pro-sustainability milieu, with LEED Platinum, WELL Platinum and HealthTechPro certifications. Luxuriating on the Dubai Canal, this collection of 48 residences lavishly embodies nature-friendly living, with a design inspired by the banyan tree and focused heavily on resident well-being.

Lush drapes of greenery and private waterfalls adorn the tower itself, transforming it into a living and breathing tree of life that invites residents to put down roots. The interiors echo this, with vast living spaces carefully crafted using timeless materials like Orobico Rosso marble and Paldao wood. Needless to say, floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping views of the Canal, as well as Dubai icons like the Burj Khalifa.

Eywa Dubai

But it is the unprecedented amenities that most impress sustainable luxury upon residents. Among their ranks are MERV 14-powered air filtration, high-end water filtration, uniquely designed ambient lighting, 432 Hz acoustic systems and specially created fragrances.

A holistic spa complements, replete with cold plunge pools, a sauna and a hammam. A sizeable community terrace with glistening pools and eye-catching fireplaces engages, as does a soothing library with over 2500 books.

Taking forward elements of Vastu Shastra in its design, 1450 crystals within the tower’s structure promote positive energies.

Eywa represents truly wild luxury. Nature-inspired interiors, stellar amenities and cutting-edge technologies make for a collection of residences that uniquely combine science and spirituality, all in the service of a tree of life that promotes well-being and sustainability. Welcome to Eywa — it’s time to put down roots.