Vikram Nanthur

Vikram Nanthur Vikram Nanthur Vikram Nanthur

Vikram Nanthur

Client Executive

Languages: English, Hindi

Vikram Nanthur is a dedicated and committed sales professional who consistently goes above and beyond for his clients. Throughout his 16 year real estate career, Vikram’s innate business acumen, combined with his energy and easy-going temperament makes him well equipped to deal with the varied situations that arise in dealing with the largest asset most people own.

Vikram prides himself in his support for his clients and will be there from the beginning to the end of the buying, selling or renting process. Through years of living in the Middle East and India, he has an international network of contacts in the real estate industry and is a certified broker in the UAE.

Having many years under his belt Vikram has fast become an expert in the area and his flourishing success in property sales in the community is a perfect indication of this. His knowledge of the community and the property market, in general, makes him the ideal choice for helping with any client's real estate needs.

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